Be the Bulb!

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Lori Martinek Branding Expert by Lori Martinek
(published March 2009)

Light Up Your Business!
Light Up Your Life!

Be the person who lights up a room and attracts others with your energy. Own the company that customers love to work with and the brands that they want to buy. Use Attraction Marketing strategies to get people buzzing and create the professional and personal success that need and want! You can do this. And best of all, you have everything that you need to get started.

Whether you want to be a successful entrepreneur, a dynamic civic leader or the life of the party, you can have all of it and more when you know how to Be the Bulb! Branding expert Lori Martinek explains how to apply proven Attraction Marketing concepts to ‘amp up your profile’ and put passion and power into your branding and marketing efforts— to promote yourself, your company and your products. Attraction Marketing combines personal branding, target marketing and a unique way of putting energy into the marketplace to attract the types of people and opportunities that you want and need to succeed. Put yourself in the path of success. This book will show you how!