What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketingcombines elements of personal branding, target marketing and strategies for putting your brand’s energy into the marketplace in a way that attracts the types of people and opportunities that you need to be successful. It is a very dynamic process that anyone can learn and it is the subject of my new book, Be the Bulb!

Why is this such a relevant topic right now? It has never been more important to shine brightly. Competition for business, for jobs — even for relationships — is fierce. You have to be a standout and set yourself apart from the competition in a positive, magnetic way. Strength-based branding creates motivational energy that draws people to you, like moths to a flame. Read about how to use strategic branding, target marketing and social networking strategies to shine the light on you, your company and its products, starting today, at http://activeattention.com  

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