Q & A With Lori Martinek on Attraction Marketing, Strength-Based Branding and How to Be the Bulb!

What is Attraction Marketing?
Attraction Marketing combines personal branding, target marketing and strategies for putting your brand’s energy into the marketplace in a way that attracts the types of people and opportunities that you need to be successful. It is a very dynamic process that anyone can learn.

Why is Be the Bulb! relevant and timely right now?
It has never been more important to shine brightly. Competition for business, for jobs — even for relationships — is fierce. You have to be a standout and set yourself apart from the competition in a positive, magnetic way.

Who is the ideal audience for this book?
Be the Bulb! is relevant for anyone who wants to achieve the personal and professional success they’ve always wanted. It is a must read for new and aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who is looking to jump-start a new or stalled career. It is also ideal for companies that are looking to reach out to new customers and grow their business and for anyone who is interested in learning how to put social marketing strategies to work effectively.

What advice do you have for people who are looking to start a business?
Always build a business based on what you are good at and what you love to do. As a former
SBDC counselor, I have met many entrepreneurs who pursue business concepts strictly for the money. Money and all of the things that it can buy is fine, but you really do have to be in love with what you do. It really is true: If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and the quality of the time and effort that you put into building your venture will be a higher caliber, all the way around.

How about people who are involved in a job search?
Today’s job market is the toughest that we’ve ever seen and it’s certainly the most competitive. There are a lot of good candidates out there who have great resumes. You have to make you and your qualifications stand out. One way to do that is to be proactive, optimistic and positive. Candidates who approach their job search as an opportunity instead of an unemployment crisis will find that attitude spilling over into every part of their life. Attitude is everything. Show potential employers how you will have a positive impact on their business, beginning with the very first impression that you make.

Is Be the Bulb! strictly a business book or does it also have personal implications?
The principles of Attraction Marketing will work in every part of your life, whether you are looking for career success, a great relationship or more meaningful day-to-day living.

Social networking is a very hot topic. How does it fit in with Attraction Marketing?
An important step in
Attraction Marketing comes after we ‘Flip the Switch’ and start projecting our brand and its message into the marketplace. Social networking makes it easier than ever before to reach out to exactly the types of people that you want and need in your life, whether they are potential customers, partners, investors or dates. Social networking tools are attainable, accessible and affordable for companies of any age, size or location and for individuals of any income level. They are a great equalizer and they make it very easy for anyone to Be the Bulb!

How does your background qualify you to write on this topic?
I am the owner of a
national marketing and public relations firm that works with companies and communities across the U.S. Prior to that, I worked for one of the largest advertising agencies in the world before becoming a national marketing manager for a retailer with locations across the country. I am a branding expert with the education, the experience and the entrepreneurial resume that gives me a real-world understanding of what works and why. I travel the country to speak to business and professional audiences about online marketing and branding and, now, about how to Be the Bulb! I built my company and have helped many of our clients achieve success using Attraction Marketing principles. It was time to share the process with others who are also ready to achieve their dreams and goals.

Can you explain how Attraction Marketing has worked for you?
I’ll tell you this much. If you are confident in yourself, the world will have confidence in you. Walk into the room, greet people, speak with confidence and project positive energy and the audience will always be yours. I call it contagious enthusiasm. Others are searching for it. Be the one who radiates it. Some people are born with this ability, others have to learn it. The best part is that anyone can learn it. Each of us already has everything that we need to Be the Bulb!

What’s next?
I’ll be starting on
my next book later this summer. It is on a topic that I call Holistic Entrepreneurship, where work and life are true extensions of each other, in a good way, and where the businesses that we create are a true reflection of who we are, what we want to give to the world and what we are hoping to get back in return. It has everything to do with creating a life where work, learning and success are circular and self-feeding. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘Is this all there is?’ the answer is no, there’s more. This book will explain how to get to the next level.

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