Why We Publish …

As authors, we publish because we have a goal in mind, knowledge to share or a story to tell. Fiction writers wrap us in their creativity. Non-fiction writers share their discoveries and expertise.  Motivational authors share the energy and insights that have propelled them toward their goals .. and could likewise lead you on the road toward realizing yours.

Being a published author is also a great credibility builder and calling card. It can be the centerpiece of a masterful, visibility-building marketing plan and the added touch and value that makes the difference in your next proposal. Publishing a book is also a ‘hold it in your hand’ testimonial to an author’s diligence, organizational abilities and drive. It is an enormous undertaking … (at least writing a well thought out, interesting and inspiring book surely is) … that is rarely accomplished by the weak of will.

Thinking about publishing your first book? Start with a plan … and not just for what you will write. Create a timeline, a strategy and a disciplined task list that will ensure that your final product is one that you can truly be proud of. …. Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author

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