Shine Brighter, Longer …

When you interact and do business with other positive people, you will move forward. When you find yourself in the company of negative, unhappy people, you will not. Choose to protect your light and move forward, always.

Your light is an asset. You must nurture and protect it to keep it bright and strong. Good gatekeeping will¬†encourage success by inviting those who can facilitate your success to come closer … and by keeping those who will drain your energy at arm’s length.

Gatekeeping requires you to direct your attention and effort toward the people and activities that will help you get where you want to go. Focus is key. You should always direct your energy to where it will do the most good. Making good decisions on target marketing, networking and outreach at the earliest stages will ensure that you start off in the right direction … get on the right track … and stay focused on achieving your goals.

Be selective, not selected. Always. Choose where you want to place your energy and attention.

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