Building A Strong Personal Brand

Personal branding is not about becoming who you think you should be. It’s not about creating a ‘brand new’ you. It’s about letting your true strengths, talents and values shine through. It is about using and ‘packaging’ the strengths that you already possess, and creating a brand promise that is based on your talents and values. It is about becoming the best possible, already-existing you … and then presenting that authentic — and now polished — brand to the world.

A strong brand makes a statement that positions its subject firmly in the target’s mind. It is based on a relevant brand Promise and a compelling Reason Why. That Promise and that Reason Why are what will set you apart in the marketplace, and allow you to claim a piece of marketspace in your prospect’s mind. This is called positioning and ‘top of mind awareness’ in your chosen category should always be your goal.

Position yourself for success with a strong personal brand that is based on your strengths. Let the real you shine through and you will genuinely succeed … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author

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