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MindingHerBiz Helps Female Entrepreneurs Shine!

The MindingHerBiz team met with Benedict’s Cafe/Catering owner Dawn Kennington Bejar this week. Here’s what Dawn had to say (write!) about the input that she received:

“I recently met with Lori and the women from MindingHerBiz. What an awesome experience! It can be tough being a small business owner due to the fact there are few qualified people to share ideas, answer questions and help navigate the road. The MHB team helped me to clarify my path to growth with constructive feedback and actionable ideas. These women are smart and qualified with tremendous experience.  Their objective approach and input was beneficial to me. I highly recommend MHB for anyone who desires success!” — Dawn Kennington Bejar, Benedict’s Catering,

Visit the MindingHerBiz website at  if you or some smart, savvy female business owner you know could benefit from a (free!) session with the MHB team. Remember: If you want someone to agree with you, ask your family and friends. If you want someone to help you get ‘unstuck’, ask MindingHerBiz ….

Be a Window, Not a Wall

Be a Window and not a Wall in 2010. Look for opportunity and embrace it wherever you find it. Be open to new ideas and strategies and always put your best foot forward, online and off.  Prospects who have been waiting on the sidelines are about to come back.  Customers who have tightened their belts are beginning to cautiously move forward. Be Visible and Be Ready. Don’t follow the market, Lead It! … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert and Author,