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Let Your True Light Shine Through!

Authentic. Organic. These are two favorites in modern marketing lingo, but what do they really mean? When you are focusing on your strengths, when you are being genuine … and shining brightly … you are being authentic and the world will beat a path to your door. Organic is all about drilling down to Core Strengths … whether it’s the brand that you project for your company, your products or yourself. So many companies (and business owners) get caught up in trying to be something they’re not …. or modeling themselves after a company that they admire. Skip the buzz words and the mirroring and Be the Bulb! Use strength-based branding, target marketing and social outreach strategies (online and off) to be the company that customers want to work with and offer the brands they want to buy. That’s what happens when you let your true light shine through

Make Yourself the Center of Attention



Advice for being a standout in a crowded marketplace:


It will always be easier to capture the attention of people who are already inclined to be interested in you and your offering. Stay up to date with how and where prospects are searching for, finding and sharing product information and look for ways to insert your brand into those environments.  


Attraction Marketing puts your brand in the path of people who can help you succeed. It is no different with product brands. A brand has to be seen and noticed in order to be part of the conversation, and it has to Be Visible in order to Get Found. Put your brand where its prospective customers are. Do not force them to go looking for it in unfamiliar places. They won’t. 
Look for new ways to present your brand, such as innovative advertising strategies, leveraging new technologies or communicating with prospects in unique (and meaningful) ways. Keep in mind that once ‘everyone is doing it or using it’, it is probably time to look for a new way to stand out. Sameness — in products or brands and their promotion — does not create top-of-mind awareness or standout competitors.


If you choose to go with the crowd, you will get lost in the crowd.

It’s as simple as that.
Successful, evolving brands create and attract buzz, which is positive word of mouth. When people are talking about your brand in a positive and excited way, it’s a good sign that your brand strategy is relevant and on track, or at least in the right place at the right time and top of mind. When no one is noticing or talking about your brand, it’s time to get busy. Buzz creates awareness. Awareness creates Interest. Interest creates Desire and Desire leads to Action, or sales. You have to get people talking if you want to get them to buy, and you want them to have a positive buying and product experience so that they will talk about it – and share it – with their friends and contacts … Lori Martinek