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Show Your Best Self and Shine!

Discovering something that we are good at is a confidence builder. We feel capable and competent and we like the feeling, so we actively look for ways to spend more time using and building on our new skill. That’s as it should be. We like the idea of being ‘good at something’. It makes us feel talented and able and when we feel talented and able, we feel strong and successful.

People like to be around — and do business with — people whom they perceive to be successful.

Strength creates confidence and confidence can be very, very contagious. When we believe in ourselves, others will do the same. If we project positive energy, the people around us will see and feel positive energy. If we speak and act negatively or indecisively, that’s exactly what they will see … and feel … and perceive. The impression that others have of us is very much of our own making. Always strive to make a positive impression.

Motivational Energy is the positive, highly magnetic energy that we project when we focus on and amplify our true Core Strengths. If you focus on your strengths and put your best self out there, you will shine! … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert and Author,

Expect the best … to get the best!

At Presentation Plus and Herlife Publishing, we have very high expectations for success — for our clients, ourselves and the U.S. economy in general. Confidence breeds confidence. When you approach the world with a sure-footed stride, confident in your company, its products and their value, you will find opportunity everywhere around you. It’s out there. Be open to the possibilities.


This is not the time to lie low. This is the time to shine brightly and glow. Put your best foot forward, online and off. Reach out to customers and prospects who may be waiting on the sidelines and pull them into the marketplace. Be confident that recovery is on the way and others will adopt your attitude. Negativity breeds nothing but .. negativity. No ones buys negativity.


Talk about perfect timing! Online marketing and social networking strategies are attainable, accessible and affordable for businesses of any size, age and location. For the most part, they are FREE. You can not afford to ignore these low-cost, high impact tools. Put yourself front and center now. Claim your position and establish your brand today. Be the product, the service or the place that gets found when customers are actively searching for sources — now and later … Lori Martinek