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Be Open To Opportunity

Successful entrepreneurs create their own opportunities for success. Why? Because they know that success is not accidental. You have to make it happen … and you have to actively look for opportunities to make it happen.

 Life is filled with opportunities: people we stand or sit next to, chance meetings, unplanned events, items seen or read, offered projects, ideas that seemingly come out of nowhere. We have to recognize each of them for what they can be if we want to achieve our goals.

 Seek out opportunity and  leverage it into something more. Watch for it. Evaluate it. Answer the door and build on it. Don’t let it pass you by. Successful people are constantly watching for opportunity and, when they find it, they embrace it. They do not wait for success to happen. They make it happen … one opportunity at a time.

We often hear about being ‘on the road to success’. There is no one road to success, but there are a lot of paths and side roads. Knowing which path to take is where strategy comes in. Knowing when to step off the main road and explore a new path is where courage and creativity come in. Knowing when to stop exploring and put the accelerator down for a while in order to get closer to your ultimate destination is where experience comes in.

Opportunity is out there. If you are open to it and actively working toward your goals, it will find you. Better yet: Put yourself in the path of success by focusing on what you want to achieve. Immerse yourself in your topic. Think about it, read about it, talk about it.

Actively look for and create opportunities to be successful and you will be successful.

You’ve heard this one too: ‘Follow the path and see where it leads.’ Opportunity is a path. It is a road that can move you forward, or present a new direction for achieving your goals. Be aware of and open to possibilities – and then act on them. Some will pan out, others won’t. But you will never know what COULD have happened unless you follow the path for a while. In order to truly be open for business, we have to truly be open to opportunity … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,

What’s Your Best Strategy for Starting A Business In This Economy?

Looking to start a business in today’s tough economy? These tips will help you get off to a fast, strong start — in good times or bad:

  • Success is NOT accidental … you have to work at it. Wishing and wanting won’t get you anywhere. Working will. Remember this, always;
  • Know your strengths and how they meet a need of your target audience;
  • FIND an existing or emerging need and fulfill it. Look for the opportunity in the marketplace;
  • It’s all about them, your customers, not you. Really;
  • Look for ways to do something better, faster, cheaper or easier;
  • Do something that you love and it will never feel like work. Another bonus? The quality of the effort that you put into your business will be better;
  • AND …. Know What Success Looks Like — so that you will know when you have arrived … and achieved it. Surprisingly, many people fail to visualize what they want their efforts to produce.

What’s the best fast start for promoting and building a new business? Social media and marketing. It is attainable, accessible and affordable for companies of any age, size or location. … Lori Martinek