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Put Yourself on the Path to Success

Successful entrepreneurs create their own opportunities for success. Why? Because they know that success is not accidental. You have to make it happen … and you have to actively look for opportunities to make it happen. 

Life is filled with opportunities: people we stand or sit next to, chance meetings, unplanned events, items seen or read, offered projects, ideas that seemingly come out of nowhere. We have to recognize each of them for what they can be if we want to achieve our goals.
Seek out opportunity and  leverage it into something more. Watch for it. Evaluate it. Answer the door and build on it. Don’t let it pass you by. Successful people are constantly watching for opportunity and, when they find it, they embrace it. They do not wait for success to happen. They make it happen … one opportunity at a time.
We often hear about being ‘on the road to success’. There is no one road to success, but there are a lot of paths and side roads. Knowing which path to take is where strategy comes in. Knowing when to step off the main road and explore a new path is where courage and creativity come in. Knowing when to stop exploring and put the accelerator down for a while in order to get closer to your ultimate destination is where experience comes in.
Opportunity is out there. If you are open to it and actively working toward your goals, it will find you. Better yet: Put yourself in the path of success by focusing on what you want to achieve. Immerse yourself in your topic. Think about it, read about it, talk about it.
Actively look for and create opportunities to be successful and you will be successful.
You’ve heard this one too: ‘Follow the path and see where it leads.’ Opportunity is a path. It is a road that can move you forward, or present a new direction for achieving your goals. Be aware of and open to possibilities – and then act on them. Some will pan out, others won’t. But you will never know what COULD have happened unless you follow the path for a while.
In order to truly be open for business, we have to truly be open to opportunity.  … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,,

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing puts your brand in the path of people who can help you succeed. It is no different with product brands. A brand has to be seen and noticed in order to be part of the conversation, and it has to Be Visible in order to Get Found. Put your brand where its prospective customers are. Do not force them to go looking for it in unfamiliar places. They won’t. 
Look for new ways to present your brand, such as innovative social media strategies, leveraging new technologies and communicating with prospects in unique (and meaningful) ways. Keep in mind that once ‘everyone is doing it or using it’, it is probably time to look for a new way to stand out. Sameness — in products or brands and their promotion — does not create top-of-mind awareness or standout competitors.

If you choose to go with the crowd, you will get lost in the crowd. It’s as simple as that.

Look for a way to leverage the tools that are available in the marketplace and use them to stand out. The difference is often in the process and not just the product. Think about the HOW as much as the WHAT. It’s how you implement … how you communicate … how you fulfill your customers’ needs that typically makes the difference … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author

Stop Selling What You Have …

Stop selling what you have and start selling what they want. People buy benefits, not attributes … always. They buy the promise of a need or a want fulfilled; the anticipation of a wish come true. Sometimes that promise represents a tangible problem solved. Other times (often), it’s an intangible, but equally important desire for status, convenience, belonging or something similarly wishful.

Every branding strategy should start with a SWOT … an assessment of your offering’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Strengths identify potential benefits. Opportunities identity potential needs. Opportunities in the marketplace that potentially match your offering’s Strengths have promise as competitive consumer benefits … but not quite yet.

Consider the Strengths that you have to work with and identify your target market. Who are the Ideal Prospects for your product or service? They should be people who have a need or a desire that is well-matched with your offering. Then think, carefully, and make sure that you can answer these questions before you proceed further:

• WHO are these prospects?

• WHAT is important to them?

• HOW do they obtain information to make buying decisions?

• WHICH types of media or other information sources do they use to get that information and, therefore,

• WHERE will you be able to find them and speak to them?

Then also ask: WHY is your offering the best one to fulfill their needs? And WHY is it more competitive that what your competitors are offering? There are no simple answers in marketing, but there are very clear, very basic questions that you can (and should) ask yourself before beginning any outreach effort. … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,

What Makes A Good Message Strategy?

Your brand’s message must convey a compelling benefit that fulfills a need or solves a problem that your target audience has or finds themselves faced with. If your brand is offering a solution, it must be a solution that is perceived as practical, desirable and believable. If you are describing a bundle of services or strengths, those attributes must be perceived as offering tangible results and being value adding.

Someone has to want, need or desire what you are offering if you are going to be successful. More importantly, they have to know that they want, need or desire your product and its benefits.

A great message strategy sets up a situation or need, makes a Promise, includes a believable Reason Why and asks for the sale — typically in very few words or through a single compelling image. Great advertising and media messages are a challenge to create and the most memorable ones are often stunning in their simplicity (‘Just do it!’). Those of us in the advertising industry know that it only looks easy. An enormous amount of research and thought has to go into the process … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,  (Excerpted from Lori’s book, Be the Bulb!. To read more, visit HERE.

Unlock Your Innovative Self!

Innovation happens when creativity meets inspiration, enthusiasm overcomes inertia, and at least one person is willing to challenge the status quo. There has to be a desire to make something better, stronger, faster, more efficient, more intuitive, more something … and to do it in a way that people will notice … and appreciate … and value.

Often, we keep doing things the same way … following the same processes … using the same tools … or buying the same products because they are familiar to us. There is no new learning curve or conversion time … but there’s also no momentum.

I am reading a book right now called The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators. Author Jeff Dyer interviewed more than 100 people recognized for their innovative thinking and suggests that there are five behaviors that can be learned, adopted and used to inspire creativity and innovation: Questioning, Observing, Networking, Experimenting and Associating.

The biggest revelation I see? That Dyer’s ‘building blocks of innovation’ are behaviors that can be learned and mastered, NOT traits that someone must be born with in order to benefit from. Thinking (creatively! innovatively!) outside of the box is something that anyone can learn to do — and should. It’s how progress happens.

It’s the same way with Being the Bulb! You CAN learn how to be the person who lights up a room and attracts potential customers, partners and others to your light. That’s the entire premise of my book. You can Be the Bulb!

Remember: ‘High achievement takes place in a framework of high expectations’ (Jack Kinder). Expect the best from yourself, alwaysLori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,

Turn On The Light!

As entrepreneurs, we long to turn our passions into income-producing busineses. Who doesn’t dream of being able to wake up each day and make money for living their passion?

A business that is built on your strengths is much more likely to succeed and it is much more likely to survive the challenges that all new businesses face. Why? Because its entrepreneurial, passion-pursuing owner … that’s you … will be more likely to hang in there, work hard and do what it takes to make it through tough times. Your commitment and emotional investment will make you willing to invest your time and effort to make things work and the quality of the time and the effort that you invest will be better.

You will be involved by choice … and choice is the most powerful motivator in the world! … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,

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Branding Defined …

 A brand is a set of perceptions, experiences and expectations that people have and hold about working or doing business with an individual, a company, a community, a region or an organization. It is entirely subjective on their part and it is based on experience, exposure and interpretation. Strong brands are clear, confident and consistent and they communicate clearly, confidently and consistently — online and off. They claim a position of value in the prospect’s mind and work tirelessly to build and maintain top of mind awareness. They inspire trust and confidence always.

Successful brands have thoughtful branding strategies directing their growth. A positioning statement is at the core of every branding strategy. Branding is the execution of the positioning statement. Effective brands make a clear promise and provide a clear and believable ‘reason why’. The effectiveness of everything that follows relies on the success of the positioning effort and strategy. Absolutely everything …. Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author

Branded, Socially Ready Websites

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Why We Publish …

As authors, we publish because we have a goal in mind, knowledge to share or a story to tell. Fiction writers wrap us in their creativity. Non-fiction writers share their discoveries and expertise.  Motivational authors share the energy and insights that have propelled them toward their goals .. and could likewise lead you on the road toward realizing yours.

Being a published author is also a great credibility builder and calling card. It can be the centerpiece of a masterful, visibility-building marketing plan and the added touch and value that makes the difference in your next proposal. Publishing a book is also a ‘hold it in your hand’ testimonial to an author’s diligence, organizational abilities and drive. It is an enormous undertaking … (at least writing a well thought out, interesting and inspiring book surely is) … that is rarely accomplished by the weak of will.

Thinking about publishing your first book? Start with a plan … and not just for what you will write. Create a timeline, a strategy and a disciplined task list that will ensure that your final product is one that you can truly be proud of. …. Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author