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Why Social Media Works …

987thepeakOne of the morning DJs on my local radio station is experimenting with Twitter. His station started a Twitter page and has asked all of the on air personalities to contribute. It’s interesting to listen to him wonder aloud why anyone would want to know what he or anyone else is doing throughout the day. That’s a comment I often hear from clients who are just starting to investigate social media: It’s fun, but how can it really help my business?

Social media works … and it works very, very well … and for one very good reason: It solves problems and fulfills needs.

Need a recommendation for a good vendor, a weekend outing or a great way to grow your business? Social media, and Twitter in particular, bring the information you need right to your phone or laptop. Just ask (tweet!).

Trying to make a purchasing decision? Talk to people who’ve bought the product and lived through the customer service experience. Ask your Facebook network, Tweet for info or Twollow (follow) key words that relate.

Want to reach out to new customers or build loyalty among your current base? Tweet special offers … valuable information … links to your website and more … and use key words to make it easy for them to find and follow you.

Looking for a way to build retail traffic or fill rooms and seats? Tweet menu specials … limited time offers … last-minute deals and more. Social media is fast. It’s NOW. No lead time, no printing time, no waiting time. You’ll see results quickly … which means that you can also adjust your strategy quickly, if needed.

Get sales leads and build your networking base. Be social and look for like minds, similar needs and unfufilled demand. It’s all out there, waiting to be found. LinkedIN was created to put people together. Ecademy is all about people who want to do business with you.

Social media works and it works in any economy becuase it is attainable, affordable and accessible for businesses of any age … size … or location. It is the great equalizer … a great communicator … and it can be a highly efficient target marketer. Use it to introduce yourself to it … and you’ll see the possibilities immediately …. Lori Martinek