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What Makes A Good Message Strategy?

Your brand’s message must convey a compelling benefit that fulfills a need or solves a problem that your target audience has or finds themselves faced with. If your brand is offering a solution, it must be a solution that is perceived as practical, desirable and believable. If you are describing a bundle of services or strengths, those attributes must be perceived as offering tangible results and being value adding.

Someone has to want, need or desire what you are offering if you are going to be successful. More importantly, they have to know that they want, need or desire your product and its benefits.

A great message strategy sets up a situation or need, makes a Promise, includes a believable Reason Why and asks for the sale — typically in very few words or through a single compelling image. Great advertising and media messages are a challenge to create and the most memorable ones are often stunning in their simplicity (‘Just do it!’). Those of us in the advertising industry know that it only looks easy. An enormous amount of research and thought has to go into the process … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,  (Excerpted from Lori’s book, Be the Bulb!. To read more, visit HERE.

Making It Meaningful!

When you are trying to communicate with an audience, remember that it’s all about them and not you.

Focus on competitive consumer benefits to make your message strong. Consider the strengths that you have to work with and really think about your target market. Who are the Ideal Prospects for your message or offering? They should be people who have a need or desire that is well-matched with what you have to offer. Then … carefully … make sure that you can answer these questions BEFORE your proceed further:

  • WHO are these prospects?
  • WHAT is important to them?
  • HOW do they get information to make buying decisions?
  • WHICH types of media or other information sources do they use and, therefore:
  • WHERE will you be able to find them and speak to them?

Then also ask: WHY is your message or offering the best one to fulfill their needs? And WHY should they care about what you have to say or sell? Remember, it has to be all about them, not you, always. … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author