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Branding Defined …

 A brand is a set of perceptions, experiences and expectations that people have and hold about working or doing business with an individual, a company, a community, a region or an organization. It is entirely subjective on their part and it is based on experience, exposure and interpretation. Strong brands are clear, confident and consistent and they communicate clearly, confidently and consistently — online and off. They claim a position of value in the prospect’s mind and work tirelessly to build and maintain top of mind awareness. They inspire trust and confidence always.

Successful brands have thoughtful branding strategies directing their growth. A positioning statement is at the core of every branding strategy. Branding is the execution of the positioning statement. Effective brands make a clear promise and provide a clear and believable ‘reason why’. The effectiveness of everything that follows relies on the success of the positioning effort and strategy. Absolutely everything …. Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author

MindingHerBiz Helps Female Entrepreneurs Shine!

The MindingHerBiz team met with Benedict’s Cafe/Catering owner Dawn Kennington Bejar this week. Here’s what Dawn had to say (write!) about the input that she received:

“I recently met with Lori and the women from MindingHerBiz. What an awesome experience! It can be tough being a small business owner due to the fact there are few qualified people to share ideas, answer questions and help navigate the road. The MHB team helped me to clarify my path to growth with constructive feedback and actionable ideas. These women are smart and qualified with tremendous experience.  Their objective approach and input was beneficial to me. I highly recommend MHB for anyone who desires success!” — Dawn Kennington Bejar, Benedict’s Catering,

Visit the MindingHerBiz website at  if you or some smart, savvy female business owner you know could benefit from a (free!) session with the MHB team. Remember: If you want someone to agree with you, ask your family and friends. If you want someone to help you get ‘unstuck’, ask MindingHerBiz ….

The Advice You Need, Three (Free) Ways

MindingHerBiz Seeks Candidates for June, July …

MindingHerBiz works with female entrepreneurs to help them confront and move past the challenges of startup and growth. We are a 100% pro bono, pay it forward project headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Each month, we work with one candidate to power brainstorm one or more issues and provide input that she can use to make good strategic choices. It’s a free 90-minute session that participants tell us works wonders for helping them approach their ventures with fresh eyes. Visit our website at  to download the forms or email me at   if you are interested in becoming a candidate.


FREE Power Workshop: Branding for Social Media Success ….

Friday, June 18 from 1 – 2 p.m. at the Kierland Westin Conference Center, where the Greater Phoenix Chamber will be hosting its Spring Business Expo. Learn how to be smart AND social with branding expert Lori Martinek. Free admission to expo and workshops. Details at


SBDC Provides Free Ongoing Counseling

Brainstorm with MindingHerBiz one time … and then get the ongoing counseling and support that you need, for FREE, from SBA-funded SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) nationwide. Find the location nearest you at . In Arizona, check out the Arizona statewide network at . There are 20 locations across the state.


Let us know if you or some smart, savvy female business owner whom you know could benefit from the help of the MindingHerBiz team. We’re on a mission —  and it’s to help other women succeed. … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author, , 

Making It Meaningful!

When you are trying to communicate with an audience, remember that it’s all about them and not you.

Focus on competitive consumer benefits to make your message strong. Consider the strengths that you have to work with and really think about your target market. Who are the Ideal Prospects for your message or offering? They should be people who have a need or desire that is well-matched with what you have to offer. Then … carefully … make sure that you can answer these questions BEFORE your proceed further:

  • WHO are these prospects?
  • WHAT is important to them?
  • HOW do they get information to make buying decisions?
  • WHICH types of media or other information sources do they use and, therefore:
  • WHERE will you be able to find them and speak to them?

Then also ask: WHY is your message or offering the best one to fulfill their needs? And WHY should they care about what you have to say or sell? Remember, it has to be all about them, not you, always. … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author

MindingHerBiz Website Goes Live!

MindingHerBiz debuted its new website this weekend. The Phoenix-based women’s mastermind group works with female entrepreneurs to help them confront the challenges of startup and growth.

Visit to meet the Core Team … find out how the process works … read what past candidates have to say about the value of the MindingHerBiz experience … and to download the forms you need to get started on the road to success.  It’s a powerful, one-time experience that will re-energize both you and your business … or the venture of a smart and ambitious female entrepreneur you may know. Let us know what you think … and help spread the word … Lori Martinek, MindingHerBiz Team Leader and Founder

MindingHerBiz Asks The Tough Questions

MindingHerBiz is the Phoenix-based women’s mastermind group founded by Lori Martinek that works with female entrepreneurs to help them confront and move past the challenges of startup and growth. New remote conferencing capabilities are making it possible for the MindingHerBiz team to also work with female entrepreneurs across the country, using their high impact, high result brainstorming concept.

Experts and specialists in marketing, branding, law, accounting, human resources, retail, operations and technology brainstorm with female business owners to develop strategies that can help them move their businesses forward.

It’s a one-time power session that is challenging, energizing and packed with put-it-to-work information. Best of all? It’s FREE to candidates. MindingHerBiz team members are paying it forward to help other women succeed.

Visit the group’s new website at … where you can meet the Core Team … learn how the process works … get information on how to claim one of our coveted Candidate spots … or tell us about a smart female business owner who could benefit from our help. 

You can meet MindingHerBiz team members HERE and visit our LinkedIN group HERE. Send the smart women business owners you know our way. We’ll help them jumpstart their plans for success …. Lori Martinek, MindingHerBiz Founder and Team Leader.

Social Branding Basics

Yes, social media is only one tool in your branding toolbox, but it’s a good one. Social networking … and social media marketing … are good ways to create a presence and raise your visibility in the marketplace so that you can Be Visible and Get Found.

Good branding strategy begins WELL before logo development or even naming, but once you have established a name (and taken the proper legal steps to make it yours) it’s time to go out and claim that identity online. Hopefully, you already own the .com domain name. Checking on its availability — and then buying it — should have been part of your naming process. (Other extensions are mostly a waste of time.) Now it’s time to stake your claim on the social networks. Open new accounts in your brand’s name on TwitterFacebook (as a Page) … MySpace (yes, still) … NamyzNing PlaxoGoogle (profiles) … and any other social network that 1) reaches your target audience; 2) is a network where you have a personal profile and could link your network to the brand; or 3) serves the industry or marketplace that your brand calls home.

The strategy? To claim — and pre-empt — your brand name and the potential profiles and portals that could be lnked to it, before a competitor (or even a completely unrelated party) does.