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Take Aim At Influentials …

Choose quality over quantity always, and especially in social marketing. Using a ‘rifle’ (versus shotgun) strategy aims your resources directly at the people who are most likely to become your supporters and customers. It is efficient in terms of both time and money. Target marketing works the same way in social media marketing and even in vehicles like Twitter.

Think about it this way:


It is more important to reach the top most influential people in a market than to try to create gross visibility in the marketplace. These are people who have the reach, the following and the influence to pass your message on to others who are members of the SAME target market. Think of them as channels, conduits, whatever … but they are certainly influentials. When they pass your message on … by re-Tweeting, by becoming a Facebook fan, or by forwarding your newsletter …  they are indirectly giving a testimonial on your behalf. Seek it, reach out for it and embrace it. It will always be better than a cold contact.


Someone asked the question online: Does having a lot of Twitter followers make you influential? No. Only if your followers are truly influenced by what you have to say, and not just blindly following the crowd. Gross numbers mean nothing if your followers aren’t reading your tweets and passing them on or responding. Look for high numbers of RTs, links and other references. If you’re listening to the networks where your prospects socialize, you’ll be able to spot key influentials pretty quickly. … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,