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More People Meet You Online Than In Person

It’s the new reality: More people are likely to meet you or visit your company for the first time online than they are in person. That all-important first impression that you’re about to make? You probably won’t be there to make it in person.

Google (or Bing or whatever search engine or social networking tool that you or they prefer to use) is no longer just a search engine, it is also a reputation manager. Potential customers, employers, workers, residents, partners and even potential dating prospects are using online tools to find … learn … compare … and form opinions BEFORE they contact, meet or visit the subject (You!) in person. Make sure that you like what they see — and learn — when they find you or your company online. Your online impression must be positive and strong. Second chances are very, very rare these days.

Google yourself, regularly, and make sure that you like what you see. Focus on the first two pages … few people look beyond those results. And if you’re not seeing anything at all? It’s time to start working on developing an online strategy so that you can Be Visible … and Get Found, in a positive way …. Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author, 

Social Branding Basics

Yes, social media is only one tool in your branding toolbox, but it’s a good one. Social networking … and social media marketing … are good ways to create a presence and raise your visibility in the marketplace so that you can Be Visible and Get Found.

Good branding strategy begins WELL before logo development or even naming, but once you have established a name (and taken the proper legal steps to make it yours) it’s time to go out and claim that identity online. Hopefully, you already own the .com domain name. Checking on its availability — and then buying it — should have been part of your naming process. (Other extensions are mostly a waste of time.) Now it’s time to stake your claim on the social networks. Open new accounts in your brand’s name on TwitterFacebook (as a Page) … MySpace (yes, still) … NamyzNing PlaxoGoogle (profiles) … and any other social network that 1) reaches your target audience; 2) is a network where you have a personal profile and could link your network to the brand; or 3) serves the industry or marketplace that your brand calls home.

The strategy? To claim — and pre-empt — your brand name and the potential profiles and portals that could be lnked to it, before a competitor (or even a completely unrelated party) does.

Take Aim At Influentials …

Choose quality over quantity always, and especially in social marketing. Using a ‘rifle’ (versus shotgun) strategy aims your resources directly at the people who are most likely to become your supporters and customers. It is efficient in terms of both time and money. Target marketing works the same way in social media marketing and even in vehicles like Twitter.

Think about it this way:


It is more important to reach the top most influential people in a market than to try to create gross visibility in the marketplace. These are people who have the reach, the following and the influence to pass your message on to others who are members of the SAME target market. Think of them as channels, conduits, whatever … but they are certainly influentials. When they pass your message on … by re-Tweeting, by becoming a Facebook fan, or by forwarding your newsletter …  they are indirectly giving a testimonial on your behalf. Seek it, reach out for it and embrace it. It will always be better than a cold contact.


Someone asked the question online: Does having a lot of Twitter followers make you influential? No. Only if your followers are truly influenced by what you have to say, and not just blindly following the crowd. Gross numbers mean nothing if your followers aren’t reading your tweets and passing them on or responding. Look for high numbers of RTs, links and other references. If you’re listening to the networks where your prospects socialize, you’ll be able to spot key influentials pretty quickly. … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,