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Be Open To Opportunity

Successful entrepreneurs create their own opportunities for success. Why? Because they know that success is not accidental. You have to make it happen … and you have to actively look for opportunities to make it happen.

 Life is filled with opportunities: people we stand or sit next to, chance meetings, unplanned events, items seen or read, offered projects, ideas that seemingly come out of nowhere. We have to recognize each of them for what they can be if we want to achieve our goals.

 Seek out opportunity and  leverage it into something more. Watch for it. Evaluate it. Answer the door and build on it. Don’t let it pass you by. Successful people are constantly watching for opportunity and, when they find it, they embrace it. They do not wait for success to happen. They make it happen … one opportunity at a time.

We often hear about being ‘on the road to success’. There is no one road to success, but there are a lot of paths and side roads. Knowing which path to take is where strategy comes in. Knowing when to step off the main road and explore a new path is where courage and creativity come in. Knowing when to stop exploring and put the accelerator down for a while in order to get closer to your ultimate destination is where experience comes in.

Opportunity is out there. If you are open to it and actively working toward your goals, it will find you. Better yet: Put yourself in the path of success by focusing on what you want to achieve. Immerse yourself in your topic. Think about it, read about it, talk about it.

Actively look for and create opportunities to be successful and you will be successful.

You’ve heard this one too: ‘Follow the path and see where it leads.’ Opportunity is a path. It is a road that can move you forward, or present a new direction for achieving your goals. Be aware of and open to possibilities – and then act on them. Some will pan out, others won’t. But you will never know what COULD have happened unless you follow the path for a while. In order to truly be open for business, we have to truly be open to opportunity … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author,

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing puts your brand in the path of people who can help you succeed. It is no different with product brands. A brand has to be seen and noticed in order to be part of the conversation, and it has to Be Visible in order to Get Found. Put your brand where its prospective customers are. Do not force them to go looking for it in unfamiliar places. They won’t. 
Look for new ways to present your brand, such as innovative social media strategies, leveraging new technologies and communicating with prospects in unique (and meaningful) ways. Keep in mind that once ‘everyone is doing it or using it’, it is probably time to look for a new way to stand out. Sameness — in products or brands and their promotion — does not create top-of-mind awareness or standout competitors.

If you choose to go with the crowd, you will get lost in the crowd. It’s as simple as that.

Look for a way to leverage the tools that are available in the marketplace and use them to stand out. The difference is often in the process and not just the product. Think about the HOW as much as the WHAT. It’s how you implement … how you communicate … how you fulfill your customers’ needs that typically makes the difference … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author

More People Meet You Online Than In Person

It’s the new reality: More people are likely to meet you or visit your company for the first time online than they are in person. That all-important first impression that you’re about to make? You probably won’t be there to make it in person.

Google (or Bing or whatever search engine or social networking tool that you or they prefer to use) is no longer just a search engine, it is also a reputation manager. Potential customers, employers, workers, residents, partners and even potential dating prospects are using online tools to find … learn … compare … and form opinions BEFORE they contact, meet or visit the subject (You!) in person. Make sure that you like what they see — and learn — when they find you or your company online. Your online impression must be positive and strong. Second chances are very, very rare these days.

Google yourself, regularly, and make sure that you like what you see. Focus on the first two pages … few people look beyond those results. And if you’re not seeing anything at all? It’s time to start working on developing an online strategy so that you can Be Visible … and Get Found, in a positive way …. Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author, 

The Advice You Need, Three (Free) Ways

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Let us know if you or some smart, savvy female business owner whom you know could benefit from the help of the MindingHerBiz team. We’re on a mission —  and it’s to help other women succeed. … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author, , 

What’s Your Best Strategy for Starting A Business In This Economy?

Looking to start a business in today’s tough economy? These tips will help you get off to a fast, strong start — in good times or bad:

  • Success is NOT accidental … you have to work at it. Wishing and wanting won’t get you anywhere. Working will. Remember this, always;
  • Know your strengths and how they meet a need of your target audience;
  • FIND an existing or emerging need and fulfill it. Look for the opportunity in the marketplace;
  • It’s all about them, your customers, not you. Really;
  • Look for ways to do something better, faster, cheaper or easier;
  • Do something that you love and it will never feel like work. Another bonus? The quality of the effort that you put into your business will be better;
  • AND …. Know What Success Looks Like — so that you will know when you have arrived … and achieved it. Surprisingly, many people fail to visualize what they want their efforts to produce.

What’s the best fast start for promoting and building a new business? Social media and marketing. It is attainable, accessible and affordable for companies of any age, size or location. … Lori Martinek

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketingcombines elements of personal branding, target marketing and strategies for putting your brand’s energy into the marketplace in a way that attracts the types of people and opportunities that you need to be successful. It is a very dynamic process that anyone can learn and it is the subject of my new book, Be the Bulb!

Why is this such a relevant topic right now? It has never been more important to shine brightly. Competition for business, for jobs — even for relationships — is fierce. You have to be a standout and set yourself apart from the competition in a positive, magnetic way. Strength-based branding creates motivational energy that draws people to you, like moths to a flame. Read about how to use strategic branding, target marketing and social networking strategies to shine the light on you, your company and its products, starting today, at  

Social Networking is the Great Equalizer

Social networking provides a very high ROI (return on investment).  Small business owners who begin to implement a thoughtful social strategy will generally see results quickly in terms of growing visibility … increasing site traffic … an expanding network … better Google results — and all for primarily an investment of  their time and effort (human resources versus capital outlay). That’s why it is such a good tool for new, small and growing businesses. And: Social networking strategies are equally accessible to companies of any age (new, expanding, established), size or location (urban or rural). Finally, a tool that levels the playing field for smaller companies …..  Lori Martinek

Why Social Media Works …

987thepeakOne of the morning DJs on my local radio station is experimenting with Twitter. His station started a Twitter page and has asked all of the on air personalities to contribute. It’s interesting to listen to him wonder aloud why anyone would want to know what he or anyone else is doing throughout the day. That’s a comment I often hear from clients who are just starting to investigate social media: It’s fun, but how can it really help my business?

Social media works … and it works very, very well … and for one very good reason: It solves problems and fulfills needs.

Need a recommendation for a good vendor, a weekend outing or a great way to grow your business? Social media, and Twitter in particular, bring the information you need right to your phone or laptop. Just ask (tweet!).

Trying to make a purchasing decision? Talk to people who’ve bought the product and lived through the customer service experience. Ask your Facebook network, Tweet for info or Twollow (follow) key words that relate.

Want to reach out to new customers or build loyalty among your current base? Tweet special offers … valuable information … links to your website and more … and use key words to make it easy for them to find and follow you.

Looking for a way to build retail traffic or fill rooms and seats? Tweet menu specials … limited time offers … last-minute deals and more. Social media is fast. It’s NOW. No lead time, no printing time, no waiting time. You’ll see results quickly … which means that you can also adjust your strategy quickly, if needed.

Get sales leads and build your networking base. Be social and look for like minds, similar needs and unfufilled demand. It’s all out there, waiting to be found. LinkedIN was created to put people together. Ecademy is all about people who want to do business with you.

Social media works and it works in any economy becuase it is attainable, affordable and accessible for businesses of any age … size … or location. It is the great equalizer … a great communicator … and it can be a highly efficient target marketer. Use it to introduce yourself to it … and you’ll see the possibilities immediately …. Lori Martinek