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Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing puts your brand in the path of people who can help you succeed. It is no different with product brands. A brand has to be seen and noticed in order to be part of the conversation, and it has to Be Visible in order to Get Found. Put your brand where its prospective customers are. Do not force them to go looking for it in unfamiliar places. They won’t. 
Look for new ways to present your brand, such as innovative social media strategies, leveraging new technologies and communicating with prospects in unique (and meaningful) ways. Keep in mind that once ‘everyone is doing it or using it’, it is probably time to look for a new way to stand out. Sameness — in products or brands and their promotion — does not create top-of-mind awareness or standout competitors.

If you choose to go with the crowd, you will get lost in the crowd. It’s as simple as that.

Look for a way to leverage the tools that are available in the marketplace and use them to stand out. The difference is often in the process and not just the product. Think about the HOW as much as the WHAT. It’s how you implement … how you communicate … how you fulfill your customers’ needs that typically makes the difference … Lori Martinek, Branding Expert & Author

Six Things You Shouldn’t Have to Figure Out By Yourself

Create Stakeholder Interest, Input and Investment in your brand … right from the start. It is the best way to create an army of Brand Champions. 

Always Base Your Brand In Reality … Make sure that it reflects what exists today, NOT what you hope it will become tomorrow … or at some point in the future, once you’ve had a chance to ‘work on things’.


Keep Your Focus on the Target Audience and THEIR Needs … and how what the Benefit that you have to offer can fulfill those needs better than anyone else … or any other place … can.


Focus on Benefits, not Attributes … Always. Attributes are features and are often presented as a list. A benefit is the promise that is offered by one or more attributes. Make sure that your benefit is competitive, compelling and believable.


Branding is an Investment. Consider it carefully and call in outside expertise if you can. It is always difficult to objectively study your own backyard and see the real strengths and challenges … and …


Your Brand is a Valuable Asset. Create it, nurture it, reinforce it and strengthen it, always. Strong brands survive. … Lori Martinek, Brand Expert & Author